Tuesday, September 06, 2005: boing..boing..boing..

i have so many things to write about but i just don't know where to start.. all i can say is that i'm happy and i pray that it'll remain this way.. happy.. happy.. happy.. haven't been able to go skimming.. haven't been able to hang out at xaymaca or 70's.. but i'm still friggin happy.. sheez.. i can't wipe off this smirk on my face.. ladilalala..

till next time.. ciao..

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Monday, June 27, 2005: smile and wave..

It's been nearly 2 months since i was last at xaymaca.. i have finallly slowed down on my weekly routine of goin there.. could it be because of you? yeah, maybe.. that's why i switched to 70's knowing that you don't (won't) go there.. i invited you once.. but you found it too far.. good!

but then i've been dying to get my dose of reggae music and i missed listening to BMR..
was finally able to quench my thirst last friday.. majay, ren, arvin and i met up at xaymaca and danced the night away..

can i say i was suprised when i saw you? nah.. i half expected it.. i put into good use the practice of the penguins in the MADAGASCAR movie "just smile and wave.." saw and bumped into a couple more people that night.. chit chatted with jan and exchanged a couple of hi's and hello's with some other peeps..

since BMR is still in my system.. here's a song for my latest abomination (and hopefully the last..) why would i be dedicating such a cheesy-luvy-duvy song to an abomination you may ask? 'coz i'm a hardheaded-bonk-me-on-the-head-if-you-must-and-i-still-won't-listen kinda girl..

Ngayong Gabi by Brownman Revival

"Maari ba kita
Ilabas ngayong gabi
Kay tagal ko na'ng pinangarap
Makasama ka, kahit sandali

O puede mo pa ba
Pagbigyan ngayong gabi
Pilit ko man 'di ipakita
Halatang matagal na ako sa'yo naakit

Hiwaga ng iyong ganda (hmm..guy sya)
Lagi kong pinipinta
Tuwing ako'y natutulala
Tuwing ako'y nag-iisa

Pilitin ko man limutin
Lalo lang umiigting
Ang hiyaw ng aking damdamin
Na ikaw ay makapiling


on to a lighter note..

my 2 nieces spent their sunday over at the house (man did i miss them)..they needed help with their homework..

i remember when i was about wave's age (she's 5) i barged into the headmistresses office (st.john's in zed) and demanded that i get a certificate too (my other siblings had received certificates during the graduation/ recognition ceremony and i was furious 'coz i didn't get one.. how was i to know that they weren't giving out certs to nursery peeps? :p)

well, my ranting and raving and tear shedding paid off.. i was called into her office the next day and awarded a "most friendly" certificate! beat that! hehehe.. complete with angels and all.. (still got it safely hidden with all my important documents.. i worked hard for it you know.. imagine all the tears i shed for it.. hehe)

well, laiya and wave spent the day doing their homework then after we watched MADAGASCAR and RAPUNZEL.. when malaika (my dear sis) and her SO got home that night we had this "let's-pretend-it's-your-birthday-and-party!" thingy.. she cooked some hotdogs for the kids and we ate the chocolate cake that they brought.. since wave and laiya got into one of their mood swings, malaika had them sing "happy birthday" then blow the candles just for fun..

this is what we did for like 20 mins or so:
- light the candles
- have the kids sing happy birthday
- have them say "happy birthday to yoooouuu" as long as they could (what party would be complete without a game?)
- have them make a wish
- have them blow their candles
- then we all sang "WE LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT! WE LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT!" (madagascar) while dancing like weirdos (imagine what 3 grown ups and 2 kids doing this must have looked like..)

when my mom got home.. she joined in the fun.. wasn't long before their dad dropped by to pick them up.. oh well.. it'll be another long week till i see my nieces again..

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Thursday, June 23, 2005: when things go wrong

did my memory fail me again last night?

I felt like it did.. the same feeling of disappointment washed over me.. it was like i was looking at myself from a far.. and i knew that what was presently happening had happened before..

pushing aside those negative thoughts.. i managed to smile..

i may never learn from my past experiences.. but atleast when things go wrong.. i still have the strength to smile..

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Sunday, June 19, 2005: music baton..

fLoi passed on the music baton to me so here it goes..

Total volume of music files on my computer:

thanks to IT for reformatting my PC.. a measley 696 MB of mp3's is all i have left on it.. the rest of my 10GB + music files are scattered and saved amongst the different external HD's of my friendly friends at the office.. (because of this unfortunate event.. i have now started my own CD collection of local artists.. i plan to buy atleast one CD per payday of a local artist.. support OPM! hehehe)

Last CD I bought was:

Full Volume (The Best of Pinoy Alternative)
Artists and songs included in the CD are:

- As The Music Plays (Jam Version) - Bamboo
- Burn Out - Sugarfree
- Right Now - Sandwich
- No Ordinary Love - Urbandub
- Kapag Nawala Ka - Stonefree
- Broken Sonnet - Hale
- Forget - Typecast
- A Day Before Pisces - Faspitch (the vocalist of this band is drop dead ggoorrggeeeoouuss!! met him during my cebu trip when my fellow filzam introduced me to him)
- Reason Out - The Ambassadors
- Let You Go - Coffee Break Island (catch them every saturday night at xaymaca)
- Call It A Flick - Ciudad
- Fever - Monsterbot
- Breakable - Twisted Halo
- Crime Fighting Mama - Narda
- Daisy - 7 Foot Jr.
- Walang Iwanan - Popfilter
- Mahiwaga - Join The Club
- Scream - Milk \'n Money

Song playing right now:

Rage - The Jerks

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

1. Waiting in Vain - Bob Marley (my all time fave song.. count on me to request this song everytime there's a live band playin.. hehehe)
2. Beautiful Eyesore - Gaucho (my theme song for "E".. and no.. his real name does not start with "E"..)
3. Every Little Thing - Sting (i find this song real soothing)
4. Santeria - Sublime (a surfer's national anthem ika nga ni drew)
5. Tsinelas - Enchi (i just love the beat of this song!!)

i can go on and on an on with my list.. but i was only asked to list 5.. hehehe

Five people to whom I'm passing the baton:

Princess Moja

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005: a glimpse of you

i caught a glimpse of you..
how long has it been?

funny how my heart started to beat faster with each step you took towards me..
i wanted to forget you.. i thought that i had.. but i proved myself wrong when i saw you that morning..

time seemed to move slowly as you approached me.. quite the opposite of my racing heart..

we said are hellos.. our usual kiss on the cheek.. then you were gone..

was it really you that i saw? or was i just imagining things? must have been the booze..

one look at the footprints and i knew it was true.. it had been you..

were you surprised when the others had that knowing smile when you were introduced to them? you were the talk of the town that's why..

were did we go wrong?
did i do something? did i NOT do something?

you fit perfectly the description of my type of guy.. we would have made a perfect couple.. well, that's what i think.. maybe i should have taken out the word "perfect", no-one is after all..

sometimes i wish that i had never met you.. but i guess if i hadn't, then my life would not be what it is at present.. thanks to you i have what i have today..

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Sunday, June 05, 2005: window shop

a text conversation with mom last friday..

mom: are you hanging out with your friends tonight?
nina: nope, why?
mom: would you like to bond with me?
nina: ok, what we gonna do?
mom: window shop
nina: ok, i'm still in ortigas, meet you around 7? robinsons..
mom: ok see you
nina: yup

window shopping turned into dinner..

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005: batang baler ako.. AKAW!

friday had dinner with friends at moomba.. really nice bar and resto near timog.. the ambiance was great.. sofas, big cushions and dim lighting.. perfect place to bring your date for a "get-to-know-the-person-more" thingy..

after dinner headed off to 70's to catch my dose of rock/reggae music of The Jerks.. we could have stayed at moomba's to listen to the band but i would have fallen asleep if we hadn't moved..

we sat at our regular table (right in front of the band).. right next to our table was a group of CEO look-a-likes.. when i say CEO look-a-likes.. i mean those who are actually old enough to be my dad.. they were what we called the future Glenns, Edwins and Ejays!! like 30 years from now! hehehe..

so they started their second set with my favourite song waiting in vain.. after dancing to the jerks version of waiting in vain this waiter comes up to me with a wine glass and says "ma'am.. pinapabigay po ng gentleman from the other table.." mmaaann!! did i turn beet red!! did he have to wait for the song to finish to give the friggin wine to me? just when everyone was looking!! arrghh.. but of course, me being the polite lady that i am.. i took the wine glass and acknowledged the "CEO" who gave it with a nod..

to make a long story short.. i gave edwin the wine and the future Glenns, Edwins and Ejays fell asleep during the 3rd song of the second set.. i told Glenn to savor what he has right now 'coz 30 years from now, he aint gonna last to hear the second set!! hehehe

saturday early morning (in other words right after 70's), met up with Shee and John for our road trip to Baler, Aurora.. took us 2 hours to get to Cabanatuan and 3 friggin hours to go through the 80 km rough road of sierra madre.. but the scenery was breath taking.. mountains.. falls.. trees.. nature.. beautiful.. (except for the places where land slides had occurred.. stop illegal logging!!!!) we passed by the valley where a whole town used to be.. because of the typhoon and flash floods last year.. it's now just an empty valley.. you could sense somthing different about the place.. makes me cherish life even more..

got to Baler at around 12 noon, had lunch and started scouting around for locals who would teach me how to skim.. while waiting for the food to arrive, i saw these 2 guys walking by the beach wall with a skimboard..

befriended them and got them to teach me how to skim..ended up collecting bruises and scratches but it was worth it.. the feeling of finally getting onto the board and actually skimming was excellent.. in other words i was stoked! turns out they owned surfboards, body boards and a kayak too.. got to use them for free.. thanks guys!!

we visited the mother falls and also the biggest balete tree sunday afternoon..

the 2 nights straight of drinking and story telling was fantastic.. got to know the locals more.. can't wait to go back to baler.. i even asked if they could adopt me! LOL.. oh well.. i'll prolly go back during sembreak when ibu goes home to baler.. ibu's my skim guru..

were currently planning our next surf/skim trip.. this time it'll be daet..

lemme just post pics of the Baler trip.. can't think of anything else to write:

Me, Skye and Shee during one of our stop overs:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

John and his new found friend MOO!:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Somewhere in the middle of Sierra Madre:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Long winding road of Sierra Madre:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Crossing one of the many bridges along the way:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My baby and me:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Getting lessons from Master Bu-tin:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The trek up to the Mother falls:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Shee's 4x4 making it's way up:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Time to get wet:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is what the locals call the "shower":

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

First night of the drinking session:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Second drinking session night with my new found friendly friends..Upper Left - Right: John Jay aka Boogie and Me.. Lower Left - Right: Arse (mountaineer), Ibu (my skim guru) and Leonard (the trombone dude)..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Buying souvenirs from Hiyas (Ibu's sister.. they have really cool names..):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Stoked from skimming:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i'll post more pics once we upload the ones taken with the SLR.. in the meantime visit my online album to view the rest of the pictures:


Lookin at the pictures makes me miss Baler more.. i wanna go back.. i've fallen in love with the place.. haaaayyy..

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